Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 17th Market

Thanks to everyone who came to the market on Saturday. It was a beautiful morning, and lots of people came to get cupcakes! Unfortunately, we will not be at the market on Saturday, July 17th, so there will be no flavors to post.

But, do not panic if you can't go without our cupcakes! If you still want some or need them for an event or party, you can order them, and we will deliver them to the market so you can pick them up there. Terry, who works at the honey booth next to Confectioneiress, was nice enough to offer to take care of any orders for us. Be sure to tell him thank you when you pick up your cupcakes and check out his booth...we love their honey. So, if you cannot go almost 2 weeks without cupcakes, send me an e-mail as soon as possible, and I will have them there waiting for you all boxed up. The great part get to tell me exactly what you want!

We will be back with lots of cupcakes and more new flavors on July 24th. I am also working on mini cupcakes for dogs that we will call "pupcakes" so if you have a dog, be sure to look for those. In addition, we will be bringing loyalty cards so all of you that come every weekend and buy the boxes of cupcakes can get free cupcakes. More on that to come soon.

Thanks again for all of your support and for coming to get cupcakes. We will miss being at the market, but we hope that we can still send some cupcakes for anyone who needs them. And remember, if there is a flavor you want us to bring back or one that you would love for us to have, just let us know.

Enjoy your cupcakes from this weekend :)

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