Sunday, July 4, 2010

Chelsea's 16th Birthday

I had the honor of making my oldest niece Chelsea's birthday cake for her party. She was turning 16...I cannot believe she is growing up so fast! I have no idea where the time went. To me, she should still be 5 years old and running around with pigtails.

She loves zebra print and the color purple so it was not hard for her to decide what she wanted on her cake. I think she did a fantastic job coming up with the design, and it fits her perfectly. I had a lot of fun making it for her and it was an honor that she chose me to make it. I think I asked too many questions and bugged her sometimes. But, I blame that on her being a teenager...they are supposed to be annoyed sometimes. Plus, I wanted it to be just perfect so I had to check on the details! My older sister (Chelsea's mom) thought she would be funny and blamed it on me getting old :)

Just wanted to share something other than cupcakes!

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