Sunday, April 17, 2011

it's getting closer....

The contractors are working like crazy on the shop! I do not get a chance to go by as much as I like so every time I go, I notice huge changes. On Friday, I was able to take them some cupcakes to thank them for all of their hard work (and give them some motivation!), and I got there just in time before the concrete was poured for the plumbing. So, this past week, they finished plumbing, started the HVAC, moved the front door, & got most of the electrical finished. What I am most excited about is that they are starting the dry wall on Tuesday! That will really make it look like our shop.

In the meantime, we are doing all kinds of other stuff to get ready for the shop to open. It is a crazy busy time, but we are loving every second of it! I am particularly excited about the upcoming bridal shows...we now have 2 we are doing coming up, and we have some awesome cake orders coming up too! And, in less than 3 weeks, the Binford Farmer's Market starts, and we are looking forward to seeing you all again.

Now, here are some pictures of the shop from last week!

And, here is the bathroom. They put in a floor drain & were getting ready to have the concrete poured around it.

This is where the display & counters will be!

And, I had to take one of the ceiling too!

I will definitely be going to get pictures of the drywall this week so check back soon for more pictures! In the meantime, if you want to place an order, let us know!

Thanks for taking the time to check on Confectioneiress Cupcakes & Sweets progress :)