Tuesday, November 9, 2010

more than just cupcakes....

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting on here since the market is over. Just a reminder that the next farmer's market will be November 20th from 9 am to noon at the area as the outdoor one but it will be moved indoors so no need to worry about freezing while you are browsing!

Now, I have decided that I want to take the blog in a new direction now that the market is winding down and focus more on fun orders and other things like that. I post quite a few pictures on our Facebook page, but for those who don't follow us on there or who want to know more about the orders, I thought this would be place to do that. I am also going to share fun ideas for our treats and introduce you to some other things we make.

Many people just think I make cupcakes and cakes, which I totally understand. Why wouldn't you think that? That is what I bring to the market and what most people associate me with. But, I do much more than make cupcakes (I promise!). Recently, I decided to post some pictures of decorated sugar cookies, and I think a lot of people were surprised. I LOVE these so much because they can be absolutely anything that you want them to be! They are so much fun to decorate and are so easy to customize.

Several people had a lot of questions when it came to the sugar cookies when they saw the pictures so I am going to answer those in case you had the same ones too :)

So, are the cookies hard or soft.....soft, but if you prefer them to have more crunch in your cookie, then I can definitely do that. What shapes do they come in....anything! Let your imagination be your guide. If you want it, I will make it for you. How much notice do you need for an order....due to the fact that these take a long time to decorate, the sooner the better. These are not something that can most likely be made in a day so as soon as you know you will need them, let me know. Minimum order size....same as cupcakes, the minimum order is a dozen. What size are they....sizes vary depending on the shape so if there is a specific one you are interested in, just ask and we can let you know.

Now, here is something that you may not know...they come in different flavors! These cookies don't have to just be plain sugar cookies. They can be chocolate or have a touch of lemon, lime, or orange or espresso (you know I love coffee so that had to included right?). If there is a specific flavor that you have in mind, just ask. I will definitely try to make any flavor work for you!

Now, these are great for any occasion, but in my opinion, they are great gift ideas. They also look incredibly impressive in addition to cake or cupcakes at a wedding, birthday party, or shower. My absolute favorite way to use them is as favors for events. For weddings, they are adorable decorated to match the wedding colors in whatever shapes you want or even to match the wedding dress of the bride. Another cute idea is to add initials or the date or a personal touch. Then, all you have to do is put them in cute little bags and tie them with a matching ribbon and you are set. These are definitely a favor that guests will remember!

How cute will these look at a bridal shower?

Or these as favors for a birthday party?

Kids would LOVE those!

Just think, with the holidays approaching, sugar cookies would be a great addition to your dessert table.

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